Personal Injury Damages Seminar

NORFOLK, VA – Correll Law Firm, PC personal injury attorney Beau Correll attended a day-long seminar focused on maximizing damages in personal injury / car accident cases today in Norfolk.

The educational program focused on empirically quantifying any and all damages an injured client may be entitled to, including both present and future general and special damages.

“I am always interested in advanced-level theories and practice pointers to get the best compensation a client may be entitled to,” Correll said.

The seminar, optional for personal injury attorneys, included:

  • Identifying the key elements that shape the value of personal injury cases
  • Distinguishing current injury from pre-existing and recurring conditions
  • Finding out where to look for the most reliable medical information to support an injury determination.
  • Effectively using vocational expert reports and labor statistics to assess loss of earning capacity
  • Uncovering added special remedies that exist for wrongful death cases
  • Defining reasonable and necessary medical treatment to limit medical expense recovery to services directly related to the injury, in cases where an attorney represents the Defendant
  • Practical tips for direct negotiations with claims representatives

Correll Law Firm, PC, ( located in Winchester and serving Northern Virginia, is dedicated to advancing the representation of personal injury and car accident victims.