Myths Surrounding Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists face many challenges out on the road, including dangerous drivers and massive potholes. Unfortunately, certain widespread myths are also a danger to our motorcycle clients. Based on inaccurate information they hear online, some people make poor decisions when riding their bike. Others make simple mistakes which harm their ability to receive compensation following a crash.

Please contact Correll Law Firm today to schedule a consultation. We will provide accurate, timely information about your right to sue for a motorcycle accident. Below, our Winchester motorcycle accident lawyer looks at the most common myths in this article.

Myth #1: The Motorcyclists is Always at Fault for a Crash

Some insurance adjusters simply assume that motorcyclists are always to blame. They think that most bikers weave in and out of traffic, illegally lane split, and do other dangerous stunts. If your case goes to trial, there is a real risk that jurors will assume the same and hold you responsible for the collision.

You should hire an experienced Winchester motorcycle accident lawyer to collect evidence to show who is really at fault. In our experience, dangerous motorists on the road end up clipping or crashing into motorcyclists, often because they are in a hurry to pass them. These dangerous drivers should be held accountable and forced to pay compensation.

Because of our attention to detail, we can negotiate a favorable settlement by showing in detail who is to blame for a crash.

Myth #2: Helmets Reduce Visibility

Virginia Code § 46.2-910 requires that all people riding a motorcycle wear an approved helmet. Some people resist this obligation out of a mistaken belief that helmets reduce their visibility. Actually, as several studies have shown, any restriction on your peripheral vision is easily compensated by slightly turning your head.

Helmets also do not appreciably limit your hearing. On the other hand, they are shown to substantially reduce the risk of head injuries—by up to 70%. They also reduce the risk of fatalities by around 37%. Obviously, helmets are not 100% effective, and you can still suffer a serious injury. But there’s no simpler way to radically reduce the danger of riding. It’s really easy to see why the state requires that you wear a helmet.

Myth #3: Larger Bikes are Safer

A larger bike could be much harder to handle, especially for novice riders. The best bike is one that works for your size and experience. It’s better to avoid an accident in the first place than hope that your large motorcycle will act as some sort of buffer.

Many women riders often select a bike that’s too big for them. It is much harder for them to handle, which means they can’t take swift enough defensive action to avoid a crash.

Myth #4: You Can Negotiate a Settlement without a Lawyer

You can certainly try. The odds are lower that you’ll receive a fair settlement. A lawyer can help in many ways, including:

  • Allowing you to focus on the rehabilitation for your injuries.
  • Collecting evidence of the crash.
  • Reviewing your medical records to fully understand how they limit you.
  • Coordinating with insurers to provide information about your claim.
  • Negotiating a settlement with an insurance adjuster.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that our Winchester motorcycle accident lawyer uses his experience to properly value your claim. Do you know how much compensation you can request for pain and suffering? Many victims who tackle their own negotiations end up settling for a small amount.

Myth #5: Road Rash is a Minor Injury

Road rash is an abrasion that bikers suffer when their exposed skin drags along the ground after getting tossed from a bike. Anyone who rides with exposed arms or legs is at risk of road rash.

This injury might sound minor, especially compared to a pelvic fracture or head injury. However, road rash is at risk of getting infected, which can escalate to sepsis in some cases. Any infection requires immediate treatment. Other accident victims will have permanent disfigurement, which can lead to embarrassment but also reduced mobility if a joint is impacted.

We have seen people require multiple rounds of skin grafts, not to mention antibiotics and physical therapy in a bid to return to normal. Please take any injury seriously following a crash, including road rash, and see a doctor.

Myth #6: You Should Lay Your Bike Down to Avoid a Collision

This is a confusing myth that is floating around the internet. The idea is that you are better off crashing your bike than riding through a collision.

Actually, laying your bike down can result in you getting run over by a fast-moving motor vehicle. You can also deliberately cause road rash, which is a problem (see above).

It is safer to try to reduce speed as much as possible using your brakes before the point of impact. If you are wearing a helmet, then you have increased protection against serious injuries.

Myth #7: You Have as Much Time as You Need to Sue

Virginia law allows only two years to file a lawsuit for a personal injury. Anyone who goes over this deadline actually loses the ability to sue, which means you will not receive any compensation for what could be devastating injuries. That is a terrible result. Unfortunately, it’s easy to bump up against this deadline, especially as you focus on rehabbing and trying to get well.

Myth #8: Biker’s Arm Goes Away in a Short Amount of Time

The numbness you feel in your arm following a collision might heal, if you give it enough rest. But some people are struggling with pain and weakness for years following a collision. Remember to sign up for all physical therapy recommended by your physician.

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