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The main focus of a Virginia truck accident lawyer is to lead the way in assisting those that are injured on Virginia’s roadways. As can be expected, the mass of an 18-wheeler can lead to serious, debilitating injuries, and sometimes death. In these serious cases, surviving family members may wish to pursue a wrongful death claim. A wrongful death settlement or lawsuit may compensate a family for both their mental anguish and reasonably expected loss of income of the decedent.

If you or someone you know is hurt from a wreck caused by a tractor-trailer or other commercial truck, feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation with a Virginia truck accident lawyer.

Truck Accident Causes

Wrecks caused by tractor trailer trucks can be caused by fatigue or sleeplessness, overweight trucks, and improper maintenance. If truck drivers do not follow both laws and regulations pertaining to truck driving specifically, they may be deemed negligent per se – meaning there is a presumption of negligence. Negligence per se increases the chance of a favorable finding in a case involving a commercial vehicle.

For a trucking company, money flows up from the work of the drivers to senior company executives. Sound, safe practices are supposed to flow down to the drivers but frequently they do not. A company may choose to ignore Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations or fail to train them.

If either a truck driver or the trucking company do not follow either the law or best practices and you or someone you know is hurt, a Virginia lawyer that deals with trucking wrecks may assist you in securing compensation due to their recklessness or negligence.
Evaluating an interstate trucking case for the exact cause of the wreck may be more difficult than you can imagine. Insurance companies for the trucking company may attempt to deny or minimize your claim. That’s why it’s important to consult with an experienced personal injury accident that is familiar with both laws, regulations, and best practice to build your case.

Types of Wrecks

While there are many types of causes of trucking accidents, there are also different types of wrecks. Like in car accidents, a truck can T-bone or rear-end another driver. However, because of the mass and speed of trucks that get into accidents, there are other types of accidents unique to the trucking industry.

Truck Rollovers

Due to the high center of gravity of 18-wheelers and other large trucks, if a driver cannot maintain control it is possible that a truck can roll over. These problems can be frequently avoided if the driver obeys both federal and state law. Losing control – combined with high speeds – are a recipe for the truck to fall onto it’s side which may result in serious injury or death for motorists. These types of accidents can also lead to pile-ups and other wrecks.

Underride Accident

Also unique to the field of accidents involving trucks is an “underride accident.” This occurs when a truck slams on it’s breaks unexpectedly and causes a car behind them to slide under the trailer. These types of accidents are frequently disastrous because while the front of a car is meant to withstand an impact, the frame above the bumper is not. Injuries in these types of cases are particularly heinous and may include decapitation.

Debris Falling From Truck

One of the most common accidents that are not avoidable to a motorist is a “lost load” accident. This occurs when an improperly secured load falls into the roadway and into the path of drivers. Under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSR section 392.9), truck drivers must inspect their cargo and make sure that they are secure.

An improperly secured load can lead to either cargo or debris flying off of the back of the truck or trailer and striking a motorist or obstructing traffic, creating a hazardous condition.

Why You Should Consider Us For Your Trucking Accident Case

Every year, thousands of motorists are either seriously hurt or killed due to trucking companies putting profits over the safety of fellow motorists. They may do this by encouraging long-haul truckers to drive more miles and stay up longer than any person should be awake. This results in completely avoidable fatigue. Trucking companies sometimes fail to educate their drivers in safety measures or make sure that they are following federal or state law.

As can be expected, due to a truck driver’s negligence, the chance of severe injury or death are much more likely than in a low-speed impact. These type of injuries can include head injury, spinal cord injury and paralysis, orthopedic trauma (such as broken bones and fractures), and loss of limb. These injuries can frequently cause years of intensive medical treatment and physical therapy.

When we take a personal injury case, we are dedicated to obtaining the best recovery possible for our clients. Throughout the several stages of making a claim, we will seek to maximize value to properly encapsulate the past, present, and future injury, lost wages, pain, and inconvenience that may occur by examining similar cases and results.


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