Dismissing A Criminal Case

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Did you know Virginia is a unique state when it comes to criminal law because it allows certain types of charges to be dismissed by an Accord and Satisfaction?

As long as it’s a misdemeanor, involves an injured party (think: larceny, assault and battery, not DUIs), could typically be a cause of action in a civil suit and a few other conditions do not apply, the charge may (with Court approval) be dismissed by way of this unique agreement between the Defendant and the aggrieved.  It’s actually best described as a civil agreement given recognition in criminal court.

The statute at issue is the codification of the common law doctrine of Retraxit, which is Latin for “he has withdrawn.” However, in the modern sense it means that the complaining witness does not want you prosecuted anymore because you have LEGALLY made things right.

You can view the code section by clicking here.

One word of caution: Correll Law Firm HIGHLY recommends that you engage an attorney to handle these, and determine suitability, because there is a potential you could get into some sort of legal jeopardy if not done properly.

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