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Fort Royal Wrongful Death Lawyer

Tragic accidents can happen anywhere in Fort Royal, from deadly car wrecks to fatal slip and falls in grocery stores or parking lots. If you lost a beloved family member in any type of fatal accident, you have our condolences.  This is a difficult time, and every family needs time and space to heal.

Virginia law does give some family members the right to seek financial compensation for a fatal accident by filing a wrongful death claim. No amount of money will bring a loved one back. But this type of lawsuit can shore up a family’s finances and exact some measure of accountability for the accident.

If you want to find out more, call Correll Law Firm. A Fort Royal wrongful death lawyer can discuss the accident and preview whether you have a strong legal claim. We have helped many clients over the years seek justice.

What is Wrongful Death?

The Virginia legislature created this cause of action. You can find the law at Virginia Code § 8.01-50. It says a wrongful death is any caused by the neglect, default, or wrongful act of someone else, either an individual or a business.

We most commonly bring these claims against:

  • Drunk or distracted drivers
  • Careless motorists
  • Fatigued or chemically impaired truckers
  • Manufacturers of defective products
  • Medical professionals for substandard medical care (medical malpractice)
  • Violent assailants 

Any accident caused by negligent or reckless conduct should qualify. Even a business’ failure to provide proper security in a school, hotel, or business can make the company liable.

Under the law, the estate’s personal representative files the legal claim in court, not family members. Nonetheless, your loved one’s beneficiaries will receive compensation.

A Wrongful Death Settlement: Just and Fair

A wrongful death lawsuit is a civil claim. In the civil justice system, a judge can order a defendant to pay compensation to victims when the defendant is liable for the death. This isn’t a criminal case where a defendant goes to jail. Instead, liability means they are responsible for paying financial compensation for the damages they have caused.

Certain family members can recover financial compensation, including a surviving spouse, children, and grandchildren. Other family members could receive compensation depending on the facts.

Wrongful death damages include:

  • Lost income
  • Lost household services
  • Loss of protection, care, and assistance
  • Mental anguish
  • Funeral and medical expenses

How a Fort Royal Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help

Losing a family member is traumatic. Very few people are eager to start considering their legal rights or meeting with an attorney. Families need time to grieve. You might also have suffered serious injuries in the same accident that killed your loved one. We understand how stressed and pressed for time the weeks and months following an accident are.

Nonetheless: please call our law firm. We can immediately take charge of your case and:

  • Review the facts as known;
  • Collect other evidence to help understand what caused the death;
  • Handle all communications, paperwork, and other tasks for you and your family;
  • Estimate the value of your wrongful death claim;
  • Identify the correct defendant (who is responsible for the death);
  • Send a demand to the defendant for financial compensation;
  • File a lawsuit before the statute of limitations runs out.

You should not have to bother with any of this. Let our law firm founder, Beau Correll, roll up his sleeves and begin piecing together what happened. He can then move swiftly to protect your rights. We are able to settle most wrongful death claims thanks to our detailed approach to these cases.

We must emphasize the tight deadlines that apply to your case. In Virginia, the statute of limitations for a wrongful death claim is two years from the date of death. If you drift past this deadline, even if by accident, you’ll lose the capacity to seek financial compensation.

Will Your Case Go to Trial?

Attorney Correll has had excellent results negotiating fair settlements with various defendants. If your loved one died in a car wreck, for example, our firm can negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurer. If a truck accident led to death, we might sue the trucking company and enter settlement talks with their insurer.

An insurance company usually sits on the other side of the negotiations. We know how they think when analyzing wrongful death cases, so we know when the evidence is in our favor. Very few of our clients need to testify at a wrongful death trial.

Call to Speak with a Fort Royal Wrongful Death Attorney

Correll Law Firm can meet at any time or place to discuss the tragic accident. Call us today at 540-535-2005 to find out more. 


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